"My wife asked me to go see Dr. Cara Hacht, a Chiropractor that had helped her with a neck injury after an auto crash. I resisted for months and when my back was so bad I finally, very reluctantly agreed. I expected the same type of care that I had received before, “Come in 3-5 times a week and I can help you”  at $50-$65 a session we could not afford this kind of treatment. After reviewing my x-rays and explaining to me that I had a compression fracture and this condition could be treated with exercise and traction, Dr. Cara reassured me that by back would improve.  Exercise, posture and using proper ergonomics while performing my job tasks were key issues. Dr. Cara gave me the feeling that to improve my condition was of paramount importance to her, I never felt like a potential dollar and really felt her care and concern for me as an individual, not just another chart."

- Tom M.

"I tried treatment from primary care, physical therapy and chiropractic. My chronic pain continued for many years with no relief. Well as you know, you must find the correct kind of chiropractic care! This is when I met my friend Dr. Cara Hacht. With problems in my L4-and L5 discs, she recommended the traction and decompression tables. With these two treatment options, as well as her manual adjustment, I was feeling better than I had felt in two years."

-Missy N.

"In 2001 I was in a work related accident with an injury to my lumbar spine. At that time I was unable to walk any distance, go up any inclines, or walk up stairs due to the severity of pain. Dr. Cara prescribed exercise, traction and with chiropractic adjustments, I began to notice some improvements. In 2002 I was injured in and auto crash and I continued my care with Dr. Cara. I was experiencing severe cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain. Dr. Cara purchased a “Disc Decompression” table, and recommended I try it for my back. After my first decompression treatment I experienced immediate relief. I call it my miracle table."

- Libby S.

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